Weight Management Clinic

We understand losing weight can be difficult, your lifestyle is often the cause particularly with how fast paced our society has become in the 21stCentury. Increased work and family commitments with a general lack of activity has seen these obesogenic trends, and you are not alone; many Australians are facing this health challenge today.

Dr Michael Sinclair has changed the lives of many people, using an advanced medical therapy that will bring the desired results you have been unable to achieve.

Under medical supervision Dr Sinclair will implement an individualised weight loss management plan that will guarantee weight loss safely and provide the strategies to maintain a healthy weight range without the need for any surgical intervention.

The 4-month program, will have you reviewed weekly for 1 month and then fortnightly for the next 3 months, during that time scheduled pathology and anatomical measurements will be taken to ensure you are losing the weight consistently and safely.

Dr Sinclair is conducting the Weight Management Clinic on Tuesdays from 29th of May, Fees apply and are claimable via medicare easy claim. Speak to our friendly staff for more information, or book an appointment with Dr Sinclair to discuss how this may be of benefit .