Co-Payment for all Saturday Medical GP Services

Saturday Appointments – Telehealth & F2F



From Saturday 27th of November 2021, those Existing patients who have been Bulk Billed directly to Medicare (i.e. Active Patients seen prior 1st March 2020) and are OVER 17 YEARS will NOW be require to pay a GAPĀ  CO-PAYMENT of $40.00, for SATURDAY General Practitioner consultations both for Telehealth & F2F consultations. Existing Patients who are UNDER 17 YEARS will continue to be Bulk Billed directly to Medicare.

For those who present a Veterans Affairs Card or a valid PENSION card PRIOR to their consultation, and are aged between 17 & 64 years will be BULK BILLED for most General Practitioner Consultations for week day consultations only; however certain week day consultations may still incur an out- of- pocket- fee, which will be discussed at the time of your consultation by your doctor. Please note that DVA and Pension card holders who wish to see a GP on Saturday’s will be charged a gap co-payment of $40.00 for all medical services.

Patients who have had medical services at the Madison Medical Practice St Ives since opening in 2017 and prior to the 1st of March 2020, and have remained an “Active” patient of the Practice in our database ( i.e. As to the Royal College of General Practitioner guidelines – an “Active” Patient is someone who attends a practice 3 times within 2 years, to assist in maintaining good continuity of medical care) will be Bulk Billed directly to Medicare for weekday consultations. However will now incur a gap co-payment fee of $40.00 for those patients over 17 years for Saturday F2F or Telehealth consultations. For those patients who haven’t attended the Practice to keep an “Active status”, will be charged Privately for all GP consultations.