Patient Information

The Madison Medical Practice St Ives is committed in providing the best quality of care to our patients



  • So we can continue to deliver high quality care for you
  • So we are able to maintain bulk billing for our vulnerable members of the community – children & the elderly
  • So we have on-the-day appointments available for you
  • Because Medicare rebates have been falling behind inflation for over 10 years
  • To ensure we maintain the best quality GP’s and medical services for you


All patients aged between 15 and 70 years will be charged privately for all weekday GP telehealth or face to face consultations.

A proportionate amount of this fee can be claimed back from Medicare after the consultation.

On weekdays, patients aged 15 and under or 70 years and older, or those who hold a valid pension card will be BULK BILLED for most GP consultations. Certain consultations may incur an out-of-pocket fee, which will be discussed during your consultation by your GP.

Description (Normal hours) MBS Item Fee MBS Rebate Out-of-pocket
Short consultation 23 $90 $41.20 $48.80
Long/Complex Consultation 36 $140 $80.10 $59.90
Extended Consultation 44 $185 $118 $67.00

The fees listed above are used as a guide, however as General Practitioners are independent consulting medical professionals, in some circumstances they may charge additional fees on top of a standard billing consultation for more complex professional specialist services issues. Your GP will discuss that at the time of you consultation if an extra fee will be applied.

Note – MBS rebate amount as at 01/07/23, adjusted 3.6% CPI (subject to change). Fees for after hours (after 1pm Saturdays) will incur higher billing rates.


All patients, irrespective of age, will be charged privately for all GP consultations. Scheduled immunisations and nursing appointments will be bulk billed. Please note, after-hours fees apply after 1pm.

Level B consultation (Standard): $110
Level C consultation Long appointment): $160
Level D consultation (Extended appointment): $205


Medical Specialists – Cardiology

Allied Health Professionals – such as Physiotherapy, Podiatry & Psychology services etc.

Surgical Procedures

IV Infusions

Travel Vaccines

Wound Care Management


It is highly recommended to book an appointment to see your doctor of preference. Due to the COVID pandemic, our Practice does NOT accommodate walk in APPOINTMENTS and we would appreciate booking ONLINE or calling prior to ensure you are seen as soon as possible.

Cancellation/Non-Attendance Policy

General Practitioner Consults:

If you can no longer attend the appointment, please cancel or reschedule through your confirmation email or HealthEngine app, or call our reception team. Please note a fee of $50.00 will apply if you cancel less than 2 hours prior to your appointment or fail to attend your appointment.

Allied Health Consults:

For physiotherapy, podiatry and dietitian consultations, a charge of up to 50% of the consult fee will apply if your appointment is cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours.

For all psychology consultations, cancellations within 48 hours will incur a fee 50% of the total consult charge. Cancellations within 24 hours will incur a fee 100% of the total consult charge.


A normal consultation is 15 minutes. If you feel that is not enough time for you, please ask for a double consultation when booking your appointments.

Please note that if your consultation relates to a “medical assessment report” for travel, this request does not attract a medicare rebate and a private fee starting from $100.00 will apply.  If you require any other forms or paperwork to be completed by your GP, please note there may be a private fee charged as this service is not always covered by Medicare. For more information please speak to friendly staff.

Telehealth Appointments

PLEASE NOTE: Due to changes in the Covid-19 landscape and the decrease of its prevalence in the community, we will now only offer telehealth options to patients with cough, cold or flu-like symptoms, or when specifically requested by your GP.

Face-to-face consults are highly recommended due to continuity of care and better quality and accuracy of assessment.

Due to the high demand for appointments, it is not possible to speak to your doctor via telephone without an appointment. The best way to make contact with your doctor is to make an appointment for a face-to-face consultation. As to Medicare guidelines, telehealth consultations have been approved by the Federal Government and are for existing patients of a practice who have been seen at least once in 12 months to attain a Medicare rebated consultation. If you have not been seen in the last 12 months, you will not be eligible to receive a Medicare rebate.

Telehealth consults incur the same fees as face-to-face consults.


It is important that you make an appointment to discuss your results with your doctor. If your results are urgent, your doctor will call you directly. Results are NOT given out over the phone unless via a TELEHEALTH appointment with a GP. If you have any questions relating to your results, you will need to speak to our nursing team.

Referrals and Prescriptions

All referrals and prescriptions (new and repeat) require a consultation with a doctor.


This practice is committed to maintain the confidentiality of your personal health information at all times. Your medical record is a confidential document. We are unable to give information about family members or other patients.

See our Health Information Collection and Use Consent Form

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