Patient Information

The Madison Medical Practice St Ives is committed in providing the best quality of care to our patients


“This is a Mixed Billing Practice”.  For New Patients to the Madison Medical Practice St Ives seen on and after the 1st of March 2020. Any New Patients aged between 17 years and 64 years of age will NOT be BULK BILLED and will be charged as a PRIVATE PATIENT for all General Practitioner consultations. A proportionate amount of this fee can be claimed back from Medicare after the consultation.  Please see the fees below In the event that you do not have Medicare please speak to the reception staff regarding fees.

Patients under the age of 17 and over the age of 65, or those who hold a Veterans Affairs Card or a valid healthcare/concession card and are aged between 17 & 64 years will be BULK BILLED for General Practitioner Consultations

Patients who have had medical services at the Madison Medical Practice St Ives since opening in 2017 and prior to the 1st of March 2020, and have remained an “Active” patient of the Practice in our database ( i.e. As to the Royal College of General Practitioner guidelines – an “Active” Patient is someone who attends a practice 3 times within 2 years, to assist in maintaining good continuity of medical care) will be Bulk Billed directly to Medicare. For those patients who haven’t attended the Practice to keep an “Active status”, will be charged Privately for all GP consultations.


It is highly recommended to book an appointment to see your doctor of preference. Our Practice does try to accommodate walk ins however, you may experience excessively long waiting times and you will not be able to see your doctor of choice.


A normal consultation is 15 minutes. If you feel that is not enough time for you, please ask for a double consultation when booking your appointments.

Phone call to doctors

Due to the high demand for appointments, it is rarely possible to speak to your doctor via telephone. The best way to make contact with your doctor is to make an appointment for a consultation. Our doctors are unable to receive phone calls whilst they are consulting with patients. If you need medical advice, you can request to speak to one of our nurses.


It is important that you make an appointment to discuss your results with your doctor. If your results are urgent, your doctor will call you directly. Results are not given out over the phone. If you have any questions relating to your results, you will need to speak to our nursing team.

Referrals and Prescriptions

All referrals and prescriptions (new and repeat) require a consultation with a doctor.


This practice is committed to maintain the confidentiality of your personal health information at all times. Your medical record is a confidential document. We are unable to give information about family members or other patients.

See our Health Information Collection and Use Consent Form

For new patients please complete:

Our Patient Registration Form



            Description              Item          Fee                   MBS Rebate         Gap

  • Short consultation          23           $80                    $38.75                $41.25
  • Long/Complex Consult   36           $110                 $75.05                 $34.95
  • Extended Consultation   44           $160                $110.00               $49.50

Additional Out of Pocket Fees apply for-

  • Allied Health Professionals – such as Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Psychology services etc
  • Surgical Procedures,
  • IV Infusions
  • Travel Vaccines and
  • Wound Care Management

In the event that you do not have medicare, the following fees are charged:

Level B consultation (Standard): $80
Level C consultation (Long appointment): $110
Level D consultation (Extended appointment): $160

On Saturdays 1pm-2.30pm and during other after hours consultations the following fees apply for non-medicare patients:

Level B consultation (Standard): $100
Level C consultation Long appointment): $140
Level D consultation (Extended appointment): $180